Vsuite IoT

To meet the increasing demands in the areas of smart buildings and smart cities, VRT has developed our own cloud technology based IoT management platform, WideSky®  www.widesky.cloud

The true nature of the IoT landscape is becoming more and more clear as the fog lifts and some of the implementation of IoT dictates the way IoT is defined.  At the moment the definition of IoT has typically been a rather esoteric phrase that does not define the technology well.  Yes, IoT interfaces the internet to our lives, but there is a better definition.

The IoT's landscape can be defined by two things:

  1. Things taking measurements of the world around us
  2. Things that take action based on the information gathered with the application of rules and associated data

VRT Systems has been a prominent supplier of data collection systems with integration to all electrical metering systems.  Through the use of smart technology, it is typical that VRT's WideSky platform ingests over 10 million data points per day.  WideSky performs analytics on collected data points then presents to humans in such a way that actions can be taken, behaviours can be modified and the data sent M2M for systems such as billing etc.

VRT has been an IoT supplier for many years now - we just did not know it!

Driven by a smart lighting project, VRT created the second element of IoT - Control!  With the development of the IoT Lighting Management System,  Firefly , VRT defined what IoT systems are - through implementation of projects.  Firefly uses the data that has been collected through WideSky to display the current status to the user.  The IoT elements are presented with Geolocation and can be grouped.  Firefly provides full control to groups or individual elements.  Users of Firefly can see at a glance the status of any element and then control that element.

Because of VRT Systems' integration background, we tend to be device agnostic, and prefer to implement best-of-breed solutions to suit the current project.  VRT has taken this same attitude for lighting systems.  VRT has integrated a number of different measuring devices and a number of different standards to ensure that WideSky and Firefly remain device agnostic.  VRT can provide solutions that fit the needs of the customer.

Some companies enjoying the benefits of WideSky include:

  • Lendlease Barangaroo
  • University of Queensland
  • Living Utilities (Barangaroo)
  • GPT (Willows)
  • Next DC
  • Telstra
  • Floth Sustainable Building Consultants
  • Department of Defence
  • QEnergy Services
  • VRT's Living Lab