Building energy efficient partnerships for the future

VRT Systems are proud to announce we have recently been acquired to form part of the Global LPA Energy Group. 
LPA Energy owns LPA Lighting and Energy Solutions, a global lighting and solar PV provider with the clear mission to provide clients with innovative solutions that deliver energy and operational efficiencies.  With the range of IoT solutions provided by the VRT Systems team, the synergy was a perfect fit.

Other brands included in the acquisition include CETA, a commercial metering solutions business and WideSky, our cloud based IoT platform that offers true visibility of the performance of working environments.

With the backing of LPA Energy, VRT will be expanding our service solutions to extend across the globe, “another significant benefit to our customers will be the acceleration of the product development roadmap, particularly within the WideSky family” states John Meehan.

By joining these brands under the one company, LPA has created a unique offering for clients in being able to promote a full range of solutions to drive energy and operational efficiencies in their operations.  From lighting and solar solutions to energy and water meters through to customised, complex IoT solutions that provide visibility and control over a broad range of sensors, we now have the entire solution. Our customers will benefit from the scale and global reach that LPA brings to the table, safe in the knowledge that our existing team of world-class engineers and developers will still be available to support them now and into the future.