Vsuite Track and Trace

Vsuite Track and Trace is a specialised tracking system designed from the ground up around wireless devices, bar coding and RFID technology. VSuite Tracking’s core functionality, VRT’s Tracking Engine, has been developed and refined over many years across a number of different tracking projects. VSuite Tracking has a wide range of industrial applications, including general purpose equipment or supply tracking, Cathode tracking, warehouse management and explosives monitoring.


Warehouse Management

Vsuite Tracking works as a companion to corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP and Ellipse, in contrast to other standalone warehouse management systems. The suite is tailored specifically for warehouse operations, so does not suffer from compromises inherent in the ‘one size fits all’ user interfaces found on most ERP systems. Furthermore, VSuite Tracking is a standalone system which is not constrained by the performance, responsiveness or reliability of the host management system.

Key Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce stock discrepancies
  • Easy discrepancy resolution
  • Tracking beyond the warehouse
  • Individual item tracking
  • Intuitive user interface with minimal keyboard interaction
  • Fast response
  • Redundancy and security, and can operate independent of host system failures
  • Flexible, modular deployment architecture
  • Wide platform support

Cathode Tracking

VSuite Tracking provides a comprehensive and flexible RFID Cathode tracking system designed from experience with the user in mind. The suite allows you to preserve plate identity, record plate characteristics, track plates, capture plate conditions, analyse and report. We use a combination of industrial grade servers, industrial grade readers, proven tracking software and reliable, field proven control system drivers.


  • Remove under performing plates from the process
  • Monitor performance and rates of repair
  • Determine optimal time to replace plates
  • Better manage outsourced plate repair
  • Improve process control and close the feedback loop

Solution Components

Our suite has been purpose built for industrial tracking. Based on a modular framework around a reference architecture, Vsuite Track and Trace is scalable and flexible, offering you a tailored, comprehensive solution from a single, experienced supplier with elements that have been proven to work together already. The suite is comprised of a number of key components:

Identification Technologies

We deal in a large range of industrial grade identification technologies including 1D and 2D barcoding technologies (laser and imager scanners), RFID, and direct part marking (DPM). If you have a track and trace requirement, we usually need to start by looking at the best identification technologies for your requirements. Read more

Communications Equipment

Because of the nature of Track and Trace projects, the communications requirements are often just as important a consideration as the identification technologies - after all, if you're tracking something its usually mobile (though we do in-process stracking too) and this means that you'll need the right communications technologies to make your solution work. VRT have a wealth of experience iun the design and installation of both wired and wireless networking systems. Read more

Tracking Software

VRT’s Tracking Engine is powerful piece of software specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial tracking projects. A stable of presets and application specific templates results in less time and money spent during initial set-up and over the project’s lifetime. Another key feature of the Tracking Engine is its ability to integrate with pre-existing automation and control systems and business systems, providing a seamless tracking solution. Read more


Pulling the whole solution together requires integration expertise, and track and trace projects bring their own challenges distinct from most real-time systems. VRT have a long history working with idnetification technologies, fixed and wireless networks, and tracking software. Read more

Training and Support

Training can often be the difference between the success or failure of a project. VRT does not operate under a ‘set and forget’ philosophy - we're there with you at the completion of the project to offer training as part of our handover, and we regard support as the most important function of our business. We offer a range of coverage levels up to full 24x7 support with provision to mobilise to site at short notice if the problem can't be rectified remotely. Read more



VRT Systems built and support our real time, Oracle based Product Weighing, Loading and Despatch (PWLD) system. Their engineering background results in a pragmatic approach which suits our requirements well. It also means they understand our requirements for 24 x 7 operation, data integration and compliance with existing Company IT and hardware standards.

Geoff Rainford - Product Scheduling Superintendent, Mount Isa Mines Ltd.
June 1999