Infrastructure & Construction



Barangaroo South is Sydney’s largest urban renewal project since the 2000 Olympics and is targeted to become Australia’s first large scale carbon neutral community. Barangaroo is one of only 17 projects globally to be part of the C40 Cities-Clinton Climate Initiative’s Climate Positive Development Program.

In 2010, VRT in partnership with Broad Construction Services and the Queensland Government, implemented Energy Management Systems for Aspire Schools as part of the South East Queensland Schools Project.

The Queensland Rail (QR) SMARTS Project is a proof of concept project the encompasses the design, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning, trialling and maintenance of several concept technology solutions designed to monitor and protect QR rail assets including Rail and Temperature Monitoring (RATS), Level Crossing CCTV System, and Bridge Impact Protection System (BIPS).

Australian based Queensland Rail transports around 90 million tones of coal every year between 30 coal mines and export ports on the central Queensland coast. In the past, the tracking of individual consignments has been difficult, resulting in lost information and delayed billing.

In the late 1990s, Queensland Transport built a dedicated busway serving the major north-south links into the CBD. This busway incorporates a centralised Busway Operations Centre. VRT designed and built the facilities management system that runs out of this centre. It manages several tunnels and multiple bus stations.