Vsuite is VRT’s modular approach to systems integration. It’s about focusing on the end goal and working back to achieve it. We assess your specific requirements, objectives, and existing infrastructure in order to design a unique solution that meets your needs. Drawing from our modular stable of industry leading products and technologies, we can create custom solutions that scale up and down as required, and seamlessly integrate them into your existing systems.

WideSky Display VRT Systems

The IoT's landscape can be defined by two things:

  1. Things taking measurements of the world around us
  2. Things that take action based on the information gathered with the application of rules and associated data

To meet the increasing demands in the areas of smart buildings and smart cities, VRT has developed our own cloud technology based IoT management platform, WideSky®


Energy Management

Vsuite Energy is a unique and comprehensive utility management framework that combines metering equipment, communications hardware, energy management software and energy efficiency analysis and reporting systems.

Vsuite Visual Workplace

VSuite Visual Workplace incorporates a leading visualisation platform that is capable of rich real-time graphics and multimedia, from traditional 2D schematic and map displays, to spatially-accurate 3D worlds where you can integrate Engineering CAD models, BIM datasets, real-time tracking and location data and CCTV feeds.

Vsuite Automation

The core business of VRT is the provision and support of industrial information solutions, and this started over 28 years ago with Automation systems. In that time we've worked in discrete control and continuous process, with RTU, PLC and DCS technologies from almost all the major automation vendors.

Vsuite Track and Trace

VSuite Tracking is a specialised tracking system designed from the ground up around wireless devices, bar coding and RFID technology.

Vsuite Custom

If you have a difficult problem that you need solved, and you can't find any existing products to do the job, have a talk to us about your requirements, we may just have done something similar before.