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Meter Data Management

Unless you're banking on (and happy to commit to) a single supplier for all your metering equipment, you're going to need to deal with the task of gathering data from meters of a number of different types, from a number of vendors. Most meter data management systems don't handle this very well, and usually compromise their ability to reliably transfer consumption logs, by supporting a limited subset of the available communication options (e.g. real-time logging only). If you want to transfer interval log data out of multiple meter types and brands, you need a meter data integration product built for interval data transfer, and with native support for a wide variety of network transports and protocols.

In partnership with CETA, VRT Systems is offering a range of “WAGES Hub®” devices, that can be used to deliver an enterprise-scale meter data collection system that aggregates large volumes of disparate metering data, stores it in a common format, and then (if required) pushes the data into centralised corporate reporting systems, or even a master energy management system. VRT are able to offer WAGES Hubs integrated with your choice of on-site energy management system (EMS) or as part of a broader architecture that manages meter data collection and distribution to both EMS and billing systems, either on site or as a hosted service (e.g. VRT's cloud based IoT management platform, WideSky®).

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