Vsuite Custom

The core business of VRT is the provision and support of industrial information solutions, and this started over 25 years ago with Automation systems. For almost the entire life of the company, our specialty has been in tackling the integration work in the space between automation systems and business systems. In some cases, these "one off" custom projects turned out to be not so one-off after all, and formed the basis for our experience in Energy Management, Track and Trace, and visualisation systems. If you look at all our Vsuite solutions you'll see some recurring components - controllers, supervisory software, web portals, visualisation technologies, integration, training and support.

If you have a difficult problem that you need solved, and you can't find any existing products to do the job, have a talk to us about your requirements, we may just have done something similar before.

Solution Components

If you'd like to learn more about our capabilities in any of the areas we routinely work, then read on below for details of how these might form part of a custom solution to your specific requirements.


In some cases you may simply be looking for a software solution, but the real strength of VRT is in delivering integrated solutions that seamlessly blend hardware and software into an integrated solution. Our hardware expertise covers everything from general-purpose communications equipment, programmable controllers and embedded computers, through the various domain-specific hardware that we use in out Vsuite solutions - data loggers, energy meters, and identification technologies.


Our approach with software is to use off-the shelf products wherever possible, and then to integrate using approaches that minimise the production of purpose-built software. Even when we do need to cut code, we're able to draw on a library of pre-existing software for which we hold rights to the source. We're conversant in a range of platforms (Windows, Linux & Unix) with both proprietary and open source technologies and languages (C, C#, C++, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript and others) and databases (MS-SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL) - all of which allows us to find the best fit for both your requirements and your preferred technology architecture.


The key to delivering a combined hardware and software solution is in pulling it all together to operate as a cohesive whole. VRT have a long history tackling complex integration projects, covering everything from wireless mesh networks and RFID, to GPS, positioning systems laser scanners, video and audio communications systems, control and business systems. Read more

Training & Support

Training can often be the difference between the success or failure of a project. VRT does not operate under a ‘set and forget’ philosophy - we're there with you at the completion of the project to offer training as part of our handover, and we regard support as the most important function of our business. We offer a range of coverage levels up to full 24x7 support with provision to mobilise to site at short notice if the problem can't be rectified remotely. Read more


When one of our divisions required a mission critical information system that required both engineering and IT skills (PLC and Oracle), we knew that very few companies could provide a total solution. We approached VRT and they implemented the system successfully on time and on budget.

Geoff Vandenberg - Ex IT Manager, Mount Isa Mines
October 1999