VRT have rolled out our Vsuite solutions across a range of industries including resources, manufacturing, utilities, transport/logistics and government. Within these industries, we focus on the operational levels of our customers’ businesses. The suites delivered span the areas of automatic data collection, automation and supervisory control systems, tracking, energy management and operations management. They are layered with customised integration, on-site and remote support, thorough training and state-of-the-art visualisation.


Building and large construction projects, rail systems, roads, bridges, aviation facilities, and ports.


Oil and gas, electricity generation and distribution, water supply & wastewater treatment, and communications providers


Defence, public and private healthcare, primary secondary and tertiary education.

Data Centre

Coming soon ......


Mining, mineral processing, refining, materials handling and metal forming industries.


Primary industries, chemical processing & manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, wholesale and retail trade and a wide range of other businesses.