Vsuite Visual Workplace

Immersive 3D visualisation technologies have long been applied to training and simulation applications, and while VRT certainly has the skills to assist with these types of solutions, our Visual Workplace solutions are intended for applications with a key difference - where the visualisation is connected to the real world, in real-time.

Visual Workplace really shines where the area spanned is large (where spatial context is important), or where you have many data sources (that can be related visually), or where the data sources are complex (and otherwise difficult to comprehend). Key applications of the technology are:

  • Remote Operations: Go beyond CCTV and control systems, and create an accurate replica of the operational environment where CCTV, telemetry and 3D imaging (laser scanners, photogrammetry) are blended seamlessly into a virtual replica of your remote operation. Ideal for ship loaders, stackers & reclaimers, mining equipment and vehicles.
  • Cross-Discipline Collaboration: Unlock the knowledge your technical experts have of your operation, and make the information available for all who can benefit from it. Visual Workplace can tap into your complex geological, mine planning, stockpile modelling or material flow data and make it available to operations staff, managers and others.
  • Integrated User Interface: Combine the data for all your disparate operational systems into a single and coherent view of your operation. Many large facilities such as campuses, intelligent transport systems, or underground mining operations utilise a large number of disparate systems to monitor their facilities. Supervisory control, CCTV, communications systems, personnel and equipment tracking, ventilation, security - the list goes on. Visual Workplace enables the creation of a common user interface to these underlying systems, enabling facility operators to get a holistic and coherent view of the entire process, with all the various data sources blended into a single environment.

To learn more about the applications or business benefits of Vsuite Visual Workplace, download the Solution Overview

Live Demos

Energy Management Demo

Building Energy Management Dashboard

An example of advanced visualisation in energy usage mapping and equipment monitoring. Play the demo

Energy Management Demo

John Paul College Energy Management

In 2011, VRT Systems joined with John Paul College (JPC) to create a 3D Visualization model to highlight and manage their campus energy, water and gas usage. Play the demo

Longwall Demo

Longwall Miner In An Underground Coal Mine

3D simulation of an underground longwall miner complete with first person operator controls.  Play the demo



Live Foyer Display

Live Foyer Display

An example video of VRT's own Live Foyer Display, showcasing VRT's Energy Management System. Play the video


Solution Components

Our suite has been purpose-built for data-driven visualisation applications. Based on a modular framework around a reference architecture, Vsuite Visual Workplace is scalable and flexible, offering you a tailored, comprehensive solution from a single, experienced supplier, with elements that have been proven to work together already. The suite is comprised of a number of key components:

Advanced Visualisation

How leading-edge do you need to go? Visual Workplace offers a choice of rendering engine that allows us to match a solution to your requirements. We can deliver solutions based on commodity gaming technology that's able to be deployed on the web, smart phones, tablets and PCs, or at the other end of the scale we can utilise a commercial-grade visualisation engine that will support high performance multi-channel immersive display systems. Read more

Object Server

Driving visualisations in real-time using data from such a diverse range of data sources requires an integration platform like no other. The Visual Workplace Object Server was designed from the outset to handle the many and complex data sources used in visualisation applications, from control systems and historians, to CCTV and three-dimensional point clouds updating in real-time. The Object Server is what makes Visual Workplace more than just a pretty visualisation plugged into a data connector. Read more


Pulling the whole solution together requires integration expertise, and with the range of potential data sources, this is not the sort of integration you'll find with your average integration partner. VRT have a long history tackling complex integration projects, covering everything from wireless mesh networks and RFID, to GPS, positioning systems laser scanners, video and audio communications systems, control and business systems. Read more

Training and Support

Training can often be the difference between the success or failure of a project. VRT does not operate under a ‘set and forget’ philosophy - we're there with you at the completion of the project to offer training as part of our handover, and we regard support as the most important function of our business. We offer a range of coverage levels up to full 24x7 support with provision to mobilise to site at short notice if the problem can't be rectified remotely. Read more