Sucrogen - Victoria Mill 3D Visualisation Project


Victoria Mill 3D Visualisation Project

Sucrogen is the largest raw sugar producer and refiner in Australia and the eighth largest producer globally.

In 2012, Sucrogen engaged VRT to produce a 3D replication of their new 19MW Co-generation project at Victoria Mill, Ingham, QLD. The overall goal of this project is to demonstrate the 3D visualisation technology available in the MVX/Unity3D environment and how it could be implemented to complement the existing Citect HMI system to provide an intuitive, accessible HMI for operators and administrative personnel alike.

Key Features

  • Plant Overview (management): The aim of the project was to leverage the user's knowledge of the physical layout of the plant to help, navigate around the 3D environment and interrogate electronic information associated with various components of the steam turbine generator (STG) system.
  • CitectSCADA v7.x Interface: All tag data is extracted from the existing VRA Citect SCADA system, including alarms and alarm text.
  • CCTV Interface: A series of Mobotix Megapixel IP cameras are positioned around the STG plant for the purposes of displaying live video of the turbine hall via virtual screens in the 3D environment.
  • Document Management Interface (future): Documentation will be served from a Microsoft Windows Server file server on the Sucrogen Intranet. Document file types will include text files, HTML, Word and PDF. They shall open in the default windows application for the file type. In this case, the Unit/MVX environment will simply be providing links to the files on the file server and is not required to open or display files.
  • SAP Interface (future): A SAP interface will be required primarily for maintenance documentation such as work orders and maintenance request and notifications.