Advanced Visualisation

VRT’s range of award-winning visualisation technologies allows traditional control, operation and management functions to be enriched with 3D, real time displays. More than just pretty pictures, our displays are driven by real time data inputs such as process parameters, events, alarms, CCTV images, positioning and contour information, giving you a live representation of what’s happening in your facility.

The real-time advanced visualisation solution offered by VRT Systems is cost-effective, and founded on existing and proven technologies, available from and supported by established vendors. The technology that makes this possible is MVX, from our partners Sentient Computing. MVX supports a range of rendering technologies and this allows us to match a solution to your requirements:

  • Unity3D is a popular gaming engine that's able to be deployed via the web or your corporate intranet, on smartphones, tablets and PCs. It's easy to implement (we even offer a drag-and-drop editor so you can build or maintain your own applications), easy to deploy, and isn't particularly demanding in terms of hardware.
  • The Space Engine is a commercial-grade rendering engine (from our partners VR Space) with multi-channel support (multiple projectors driving immersive cylindrical or dome display systems) that offers blazing speed, massive scalability, and the ultimate in customisability.


Building Energy Management Dashboard

An example of advanced visualisation in energy usage mapping and equipment monitoring. Play the demo

Energy Mangement Demo

John Paul College Energy Management

In 2011, VRT Systems joined with John Paul College (JPC) to create a 3D Visualization model to highlight and manage their campus energy, water and gas usage. Play the demo

JPC Demo

Longwall Miner In An Underground Coal Mine

3D simulation of an underground longwall miner complete with first person operator controls.  Play the demo

Longwall Demo

Live Foyer Display

An example video of VRT's own Live Foyer Display, showcasing VRT's Energy Management System. Play the video

Live Foyer Display