VRT operate at the leading edge of software solutions offering real-time data collection and integration with corporate systems. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), as well as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), continues to be an important element in plant control and management. VRT provides a large range of solutions to customers' problems in these areas. These solutions are predominantly based on the Citect, MacroView, Matrikon, Rockwell Software and iFix families of products. We can assist you in both local plant and wide area (telemetry) applications.

Citect + Enterprise Suite

To support your enterprise level management and maintenance functions, VRT has created Enterprise Suite, a system of CitectSCADA templates and presets. Loading Enterprise Suite on to your CitectSCADA system can dramatically improve staff productivity, accelerate project ROI and reduce risk through the entire automation system life cycle.

LongView SCADA

LongView is a packaged supervisory control and management solution tailored for longwall mining operations. It is based on an integrated software stack, comprising components specifically built and tested to meet the demands of longwall mining. Based on the industry de-facto standard, CitectSCADA, LongView is faster to deploy, lower-cost and risk to implement, and lower-cost to operate than CitectSCADA systems built from scratch. LongView also extends visibility of operations beyond the control room, with an integrated reporting solution and web based management dashboards.


MacroView is a SCADA/HMI system widely used in the Coal, Oil & gas, Mining, Production, Transportation, Environmental and Power industries. It is a reliable and cost effective solution for process control, supervisory control and data acquisition.

MacroView is scalable from a small stand alone system with few IO elements to a distributed multi-server system with hundreds of thousands of IO elements. In all installations, Macroview has proven to be a very robust and secure SCADA/HMI solution for industry.