VRT Systems Awarded Metering Co-ordinator Accreditation

VRT Systems has become one of the first companies outside of the energy sector to be awarded Metering Coordinator accreditation. The Australian Energy Market Operator made the announcement on Wednesday.

VRT Systems engineering manager Scott Carden said he was proud to be leading such a high-performing team. All of the existing accredited organisations originally heralded from the utilities industry,” he said. Their systems were designed for on-market participants and energy only.”

VRT Systems founder John Meehan said the company brought a fresh approach to metering coordination, as well as more modern products than its industry counterparts. When it comes to embedded networks, it’s no longer just about power,” he said. They are all becoming multi-utility platforms, providing everything from hot and cold water to air conditioning. Companies now need systems that have the capability to monitor all consumption in a single platform. We’ve been doing this for years and have had great success in the multi-utility sector.”

VRT Systems’ accreditation precedes the introduction of new regulations by the Australian Energy Market Commission and National Energy Regulator. The changes, to be introduced in July 2021, are designed to remove irregularities in the retail energy market that disadvantage residents in multi-tenanted dwellings.

Mr Meehan said companies accredited under the old regulations were also going through the process of getting re-certified to meet the new standards. These regulations mean tenants in embedded network buildings will now be able to enjoy the same flexibility and possibility for reduced costs as consumers in the on-market sector,” he said.

Mr Meehan said VRT Systems’ processes and systems had been specifically designed to offer a permanently online service, with real-time monitoring and control. We use new technologies such as Internet of Things communications and cloud computing, all with banking-level data security,” he said. This is the direction AEMC is taking in order to deliver the data-driven grid of the future.”

VRT Systems has been specialising in the design and implementation of multi-utility metering and data management systems for more than 15 years. The benefits include improved energy efficiency, carbon emission reductions and more timely and accurate billing.

VRT Systems has delivered several multi-utility monitoring systems for different projects, including precincts such as Barangaroo South, government entities like the Department of Defence, marinas, data centres and smart buildings.

VRT System’ main business is implementing solutions based on real-time information, to improve operational efficiency and safety, and to reduce risks related to business continuity.


For more information or to arrange an interview, contact John Meehan at john.meehan@vrt.com.au or 07 3535 9696.