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LendLease - Barangaroo

Barangaroo South is Sydney’s largest urban renewal project since the 2000 Olympics and is targeted to become Australia’s first large scale carbon neutral community. Barangaroo is one of only 17 projects globally to be part of the C40 Cities-Clinton Climate Initiative’s Climate Positive Development Program.

The precinct is capable of being water positive, with an on-site blackwater treatment plant capable of supplying one million litres of recycled water a day to the precinct and surrounding suburbs. Barangaroo is also targeting zero net waste to landfill by 2020.  

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) awarded Lendlease a 6 Star Green Star Office Design (v3) ratings for each of the three towers of International Towers Sydney, 5 Star Green Star Multi Unit Residential v1 design rating for the Anadara and Alexander residential buildings and a 6 Star Green Star – Communities PILOT v0.2 rating for the Barangaroo South precinct, scoring an unprecedented 104.98 out of a possible 110 points.

Key Project Features:

  • $6 billion urban regeneration project

  • 7.6 hectare site located on the western edge of the Sydney CBD

  • A total of 13 buildings including: three high rise commercial towers; three high rise and two low rise residential buildings; a six star hotel resort; and, four low rise commercial/retail buildings.

  • 1,500 residents

  • 23,000 office workers

  • More than 80 new retail outlets

  • Over 4,000 hotel, hospitality and retail workers

Barangaroo South is due for completion in 2022.

VRT's Contribution – Residential:

Barangaroo's first residential buildings - Anadara and Alexander - contain 159 luxury apartments plus ground level retail facilities.

VRT provided metering and monitoring systems for utility services* in these buildings, including making individual tenant consumption data available (in a secure and anonymous manner) to tenants in real time on their own devices (smart phones and tablets) using VRT’s WideSky® TenantView (*excluding resident gas metering).

Energy Management System Details:

  • CET energy meters and data loggers via the modbus protocol
  • EDMI “billing” meters via their command line protocol

  • Siemens thermal meters via the Mbus protocol
  • Water pulse meters (Potable, Hot and Recycled)
  • A total of 6 meters per apartment (power, pulse: potable, hot, recycled water, thermal: cooling and heating)
  • WideSky Gateways (on every 3rd floor) to provide: local data storage for pulse and memoryless energy meters, concentrators to minimise cabling, develop profiles for pulse meters,  interface to the EMS and WideSky Management Platform.
  • CET PecStar Energy Management System for use by the facilities management
  • WideSky Management Platform to manage tenant data security and export of building data to the precinct wide WideSky system
  • WideSky TenantView live and historical tenant consumption display system (BYOD based), including greenhouse gas contribution and cost data.

VRT also provided the critical role of the Master Systems Integrator ensuring all technical monitoring, communications, computing and information systems worked together to meet their intended purposes.

VRT's Contribution – Total Precinct:

Barangaroo South is unique as its utility services are provided through a combination of traditional and private precinct utilities that significantly contribute to the exemplary sustainability standards of the precinct.

Lendlease Living Utilities owns and operates;

  • The district cooling system providing chilled water for air conditioning to every building

  • The high voltage triplex electrical distribution network that transports electricity to every consumer in the precinct

  • The recycled water treatment plant that collects waste water from each building and transforms it into clean water for use in toilet flushing and laundries

  • The roof top solar PV systems supplying renewable energy to the precinct

VRT supplied the monitoring system which collects the utility consumption data from all facilities. This included:

  • WideSky Gateways in each facility to collect readings from Honeywell and Schneider BMS (via BACnet) and Schneider PLC (via modbus), as well as the WideSky Master Gateway for the Anadara and Alexander buildings
  • Validate and transcode this data to the regulated standard formats: NEM12 (for tariff based metering) and NEM13 (for non-tariff based metering)
  • WideSky Management Platform to collect and store all NEM12 and NEM13 data files, C4 data files and exception reports from each MDSP (Meter Data Services Provider under the AEMO Regulations), for secure collection by the billing services provider
  • Whilst WideSky is based on modern “cloud” computing technology, it is currently running on a site based server.  In future it may be relocated to an Australian third party data centre.
  • Residential TenantView solution is based on HTML5 technology that can be viewed on any web browser, large digital display, computer monitor, tablet or smart phone, without the need for any special customisation
  • A likely future addition to this system is to implement the VRT WideSky Analytics WideSky module. This is based on learning algorithms and will automatically detect anomalies and facilitate forecasting functions.

At this point in time, the total number of monitoring devices connected into the WideSky system is approx. 2,600. This represents approximately 3 million readings (15 min. profiles) being produced and managed daily.

A Massive Achievement

VRT congratulates Lendlease on its amazing achievement at Barangaroo South and is proud of its small contribution to this ground breaking standard. VRT is also pleased to have been selected to continue this journey with Living Utilities for the utilities services monitoring for the precinct.