Kevin Bridge, Department of Defence

The RUMS is a state of the art metering and monitoring system that provides real time sub-metering capability at Gallipoli Barrack. It provides accurate and comprehensive electricity consumption data for all units located within the Barracks. The RUMS is allowing Defence to implement an ongoing Energy Management strategy within South Queensland, which will help us to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The RUMS also has the capability to control electrical plant and equipment, once the necessary hardware is installed. This capability is programmable and flexible and will only be implemented were it can be effective and always after consultation and agreement with users. All equipment which may be switched off by RUMS, will be provided with manual override switches which will enable occupants of any affected area to override RUMS and switch such equipment back on. Through RUMS a number of projects have already been identified. For example, electricity consumption at 2HSB has been reduced by around 30% by initiatives that introduced improved water heating technology.

Kevin Bridge, Regional Energy and Sustainability Manager, Australian Department of Defence
June 2010


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