Energy Meters

As systems integrators for over 28 years, we have considerable expertise in the design and implementation of metering and monitoring systems to provide a complete energy management solution for your facility. These solutions cover the entire WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam) space. The software monitoring systems can be local or hosted remotely. We often partner with other companies to provide these solutions. VRT has been supplying and working with the SATEC range of power analysers and meters for the past 15 years. We have a multi-faceted relationship with Schneider and employ an Engineer trained by Schneider in the ION range of products.

Our role is essentially to design and implement systems that improve our customer’s energy efficiency. To manage this process effectively, we not only supply the energy meters but we also:

  • Define the metering and integration scope
  • Manage relationships between all parties
    • Managing contractor
    • Electrical contractor
    • Board builder
    • Mechanical services contractor
    • Hydraulics contractor, etc.
  • Develop meter and monitoring software
  • Handle all configuration and calibration
  • Organise and manage the installation 
  • Provide support for the energy management system throughout its lifetime

We work with a range of product vendors and meter manufacturers that supply a wide range of meters (including pattern-approved):