Meet with VRT at IoT - Utilitity Week Sydney, Nov 29th - 30th


Venue: Australian Technology Park, 2 Locomotive St., Eveleigh, Sydney.

The VRT exhibition will focus on the very topical aspects of:

  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Lighting
  • Microgrids

We will hold live demonstrations of existing products covering these areas at Stand E13.

Be Our Guest and visit VRT at the Expo - Your E-ticket ยป

VRT will also use this occasion to officially launch its leading IoT developments, including:

  • WideSky - IoT Data Management Platform: open, 3rd party friendly, fast, semantic models for data context
  • Firefly - Smart Light Management Platform: powered by WideSky, semantic model, map and tree navigation, monitoring and control, asset management


In the TECHNICAL ZONE at 2:00pm: VRT Presents...

On the Couch with Two Grumpy Old Men!
"What is this Smart Grid & IoT Stuff anyway?"

Join in on the infotainment session on the first afternoon.


There may also be some cameo appearances from from some of our Partners (products) in smart metering\ lighting\ microgrids.

You are all invited to attend and contribute to the future directions of the development of these (predominantly Australian) products, as well as learning how you can use existing products in your businesses - Today.

You will be guaranteed something new and different.

Looking forward to seeing you there.