VSuite Energy - Solution Overview

VSuite Energy encapsulates VRT's entire portfolio of energy-related technologies and integration know-how. Unlike some of our competitors, we're not just talking about technical gadgets and software, we recognise that a well-rounded solution needs to also consider the “softer” aspects, such as the people who will ultimately consume the energy or operate the systems, and how we can inform and engage them:

Metering & Sensing: Metering for all forms of energy (WAGES – water, air, gas, electricity, steam) as well as weather, environmental sensing and plant instrumentation.

Digital Networks: From pulse meter inputs, through various serial and bus technologies (RS485, Mbus) to wired and wireless IP and mesh networks.

Energy Efficiency: Low energy technologies such as smart LED lighting, solar PV and renewables, to energy management systems, reporting and intelligent analytics solutions to optimise energy use and reduce waste.

Demand Response: Control strategies to manage demand such as peak lopping, adaptive control in response to spot market pricing (NEM gateway), and integration of storage technologies to achieve load shifting.

Supply Reliability: Power network control systems to maintain supply stability and reliability – from load-shedding and emergency generator controls (e.g. hospitals, data centres, defence) to the integration of co-generation, tri-generation and renewable energy systems.

Community Engagement: Tenant and visitor information displays (mobile apps, foyer displays, information kiosks) and residential community portals.

All of these elements have been used together in various combinations in projects we've delivered in the past, so we have hands-on experience in their implementation and integration with your existing business, building
and plant management systems.


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