Longwall Advanced Visualisation Demo

This demo requires the unity web player plugin, which should download and install automatically if your browser security settings allow. If you are prompted to download, you may need to run the web player installer manually.

Basic Mode: By default the demo will start playing automatically, with the shearer in a basic simulated "Auto" mode, and the view-port following the shearer down the face as it moves. If you look to the left of the page you will see a mock-up of a shearer controller, which will activate as you mouse over, and allow you to switch the shearer into manual mode, and manually control the shearer speed and drum heights.

Advanced Mode: You can right-click in the viewing area to capture/release your mouse. Once your mouse is captured, it controls the view- port, allowing you to look around. Click again, and your mouse is released, so you can operate the shearer control panel again. On releasing the mouse, you are given a right-click menu which allows you to view in full-screen ([Esc] to exit). While you have your mouse captured "inside", you can look around with the mouse, and use the following keys to Navigate -
[W] - forward
[A] - left
[S] - backward
[D] - right

If you get lost, stuck, or move outside the confines of the longwall face, you can always restart by releasing your mouse, [Esc] to exit full-screen, and use your browser "Refresh" function to reload the page.