Sentient Computing

Sentient Computing is the now the sole owner of MacroView, a well established SCADA/HMI product originally developed in WA in the early 1990s.


In essence, Longview is a packaged SCADA solution, specifically for longwall coal mines. It is based on the CitectSCADA platform. It also acts as an integrating platform for all of the currently disconnected islands that still exist to varying (and increasing) degrees in many longwall mines.

SATEC Branch Feeder Monitor

Specialist power meter manufacturer, SATEC, has released a novel product, BFM (Branch Feeder Monitor), suitable for retro-fitting to low voltage distribution boards for sub-metering purposes.

Citect Excellence Award

....for the "Most Innovative New Project or Application of a Citect Solution" for 2007. This Award was presented to VRT Principal Engineer, Ken Johnson by Citect's Managing Director, Oceania, Scott Wooldridge, on the completion of VRT's LongView system for BMA's Broadmeadow mine.

King George Square Busway

Queensland Transport's Inner Northern Busway (INB), including the underground bus station below King George Square in the Brisbane CBD, was completed in May 2008, ahead of time and below budget.

Longwall move simulator

In conjunction with BMA Broadmeadow, VRT has developed a graphical simulator that enables planners of longwall moves to visualize each activity of a longwall move project in a rich, dynamic "Flash" graphics interface.

One of our senior engineers Mark Oellermann was invited to present a paper including case studies of track & trace applications in the mineral processing industry at the international Automining 2008 Conference in Santiago in April 2008.


VRT developed the first version of its PlantPortal product in 1996 to give CSR managers based in Brisbane a real-time monitoring capability to their automation system in the Ord River sugar mill based in Kunnunurra in the northwest of WA, via a simple web browser interface.

Often when the D&C (Design and Construct) contractor completes a project, they are very quick to move on to the next one, leaving the Operations and Maintenance Managers without support for their systems.

Components of the LongView solution

LongView is a packaged supervisory control and management solution tailored for longwall mining operations. It is based on an integrated software stack, comprising components specifically built and tested to meet the demands of longwall mining.