VRT Network Equipment

Shape Gallery for LibreOffice/OpenOffice

We're in the business of industrial automation and systems integration, so our need for network equipment is a little different to a traditional IT company. We happen to use LibreOffice for drawing system diagrams and since we couldn't find a decent collection of consistently-styled equipment shapes that suited our needs, we created our own. 

The gallery includes:

  • Clients & Peripherals - network client devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, as well as projector and widescreen TV displays, printers and faxes.
  • Energy Management - Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), energy meters, water & gas flow meters, power quality analysers, solar PV panel and battery storage systems.
  • Industrial Automation - programmable logic controllors (PLCs), industrial appliances, dataloggers & telemetry equipment, laser scanners, CCTV cameras etc.
  • Network & Communications - network infrastructure and power equipment such as switches, routers, firewalls, WiFi & mesh networking equipment, FOBOTs, fire/Ethernet converters, Ethernet/serial converters, modems,
  • Servers - a variety of servers and appliances, with a library of common "role" emblems to decorate servers - authentication, database, directory, file, mail, real-time (SCADA), virtualisation, visualisation, web.

Gallery Samples

NOTE: We're in the process of getting an updated (v1.2.0) package ready, and so we've started updating this page. The samples below include some of the new shapes that aren't in the current (v1.1.1) package, but the vast majority are. Hang tight, we'll have the new release out in the next week or so (by end July 2014).


Sample of clients & peripherals shapes

Sample of networking & communications shapes

Sample of server shapes

Sample of Industrial Automation shapes

Sample of Energy Management shapes

Sample of Advanced Visualisation shapes


The shapes are offered under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike v3 license which allows commercial and non-commercial use, modification and redistribution as long as the terms of the license are met.

An exemption from the attribution clause is given for "normal use", which is defined as the use of the shapes to create diagrams, whereby the diagrams may be distributed without attribution. In other words, you don't need to mark all your diagrams with a link to the VRT website (though it'd be nice:) but we do require the license terms be honoured for the collection as a whole or in part (either as a LibO/OO extension as it is now, or repackaged in other formats).


  • V1.1.1(2014-07-15):    Added templates with isometric guidelines to assist with drawing layout (A4P, A3L).
  • V1.1.0(2014-07-12):    Lots of new shapes, dark variants, logical networking. Complete reorganisation.
  • V1.0.6(2014-07-06):    Added USB Key shapes in various orientations.
  • V1.0.5(2014-06-21):    Minor consistency improvements, new equipment (dish, WiFi router), OpenOffice support.
  • V1.0.4(2013-10-17):    Added multi-circuit power monitor.
  • V1.0.3(2013-08-30):    Added laser scanners.
  • V1.0.2(2012-07-30):    Added A-B PLC equipment.
  • V1.0.1(2012-06-29):    Added new equipment, cleaned up some existing equipment.
  • V1.0.0(2012-06-10):    First release.


VRTnetworkequipment_1.1.1-lo.oxt LibreOffice3.22 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.1.1-oo.oxt OpenOffice3.22 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.1.0-lo.oxt LibreOffice3.13 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.1.0-oo.oxt OpenOffice3.13 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.0.6-lo.oxt LibreOffice2.58 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.0.6-oo.oxt OpenOffice2.58 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.0.5-lo.oxt LibreOffice2.52 MB
VRTnetworkequipment_1.0.5-oo.oxt OpenOffice2.52 MB